Wholistic Home Solutions LLC a natural building & permaculture company

Straw Bale Infill Systems. With an R-value between 30-45, a straw bale home is the most affordable and energy efficient naturally built home for the Midwest. Use of local straw, earthen plasters, and cement-based stuccos embrace these organically crafted walls giving them a soft to the touch feel. 

Cordwood Infill Systems. Great for garden sheds, saunas, and homes if you are really ambitious, cordwood construction has stood the test of time here in the Midwest. Some of the first cordwood homes in the nation were built in northeast Wisconsin. Cordwood with cement mortar is a load-bearing wall. Cordwood with lime-putty mortar is not load bearing, but has a truly remarkable aesthetic and lower carbon footprint.

Natural Plasters. Local earthen plasters made from central Wisconsin clay, or clay from your property, create a natural and gentle feel to your toxin-free home.  A very durable and sustainable choice for your walls.

Earthen Floors. Clay and sand are a very durable and sustainable choice for your home’s floors. Earthen floors provide a great alternative to concrete and tile floors. They are strong like concrete (without the burden of a massive carbon footprint) with the soft give of clay. People with earthen floors have feet that know the difference.

Living Roofs. Living roofs have been around since the dawn of time. Why not use that valuable real estate to lower your home’s carbon footprint with some greenery by growing some drought tolerant and edible plants? With proper engineering, a living roof can be a viable alternative to conventional roof coverings. It will add an organic feel to the building while adding valuable roof insulation for greater building efficiency.

Timber Frame / Local Lumber. WHS works closely with New World Restoration LLC. Our timber framers have decades of experience and a great sense of mindfulness. We provide a heritage product that will stand the test of time for generations to come.  We also work closely with local loggers and mills to provide the highest quality, sustainably harvested forest products.

Permaculture Design, Installation, and Consultation. Permaculture design and installation that will suit the caretakers and the natural ecologies that are found within it. WHS applies permaculture principles specific to your site and strives to create an environment that mimics ecologies found within nature, conserves water, looks beautiful, and most importantly will provide the perennial and edible landscaping that will feed your belly.  We believe this includes you, the human element.  If you’re thinking about implementing aspects of permaculture at your home or business, WHS also offers walkabout consultation services. We will come to you and evaluate the vast potential of the site-specific area. 

Renewable Energy Site Assessments. Vincent Miresse, Midwest Renewable Energy Association certified site assessor, provides quality site assessment of the solar resources for your home or business.

Rain Water Catchment. Rustic, small-scale water catchment systems and rain gardens are available for harvesting your very own rainwater for your garden.

Green Home Renovation and Remodels. There isn’t any job too small for us. We strive to provide high quality and timely home renovation services with the cleanest of local, renewable, and repurposed resources for your home or business. We only use natural, non-toxic solvents, finishes, and paints.

Natural Building Workshops. If you and your family are thinking about constructing a natural building, you may want to attend a natural building workshop. Better yet, let WHS facilitate a workshop at your place.  Host a workshop to build your very own straw bale chicken coop, cordwood sauna, cob garden wall, or your home. Contact WHS for more information.

Consultation Services. Do you need somebody to bounce ideas off of? Do you want to try something, but do not know the starting point? WHS offers on-site and phone consultation services.