Wholistic Home Solutions LLC a natural building & permaculture company

In a focused sense, permaculture it is an approach to gardening and landscaping that utilizes perennial and edible plants in its design, and particularly, it places emphasis on plant relationships that mimic ecologies found within nature. Permaculture aims to create a stable and productive system that provides for human needs while harmoniously integrating the land with its inhabitants. It is widely adaptable to suit a variety of climates and geographies from urban and suburban yards to entire agriculture systems.

The permaculture design places value on water conservation and resource reclamation. Materials that were once viewed as wastes are used as resources to replenish soils and valuable ground water reserves.

Why this approach?

In a broader sense, permaculture can be an approach to how we walk through the world. Its principles can help you to reshape your life in reasonable steps at our own pace, yet will allow you to reduce your impact and increase your quality of life. Practicing permaculture principles creates positive change that starts in your backyard resonating throughout your community.