Wholistic Home Solutions LLC a natural building & permaculture company

What is Natural Building?
Natural building utilizes building systems and materials that place an emphasis on sustainability.  Natural building principles focus on durability and the use of minimally processed, plentiful, and renewable resources, as well as recycled and repurposed materials that maintain healthy living environments and indoor air quality. The architectural design and orientation of the building maximize passive solar utilization and natural ventilation that will allow building to function more efficiently and reduce its operational costs.  WHS also encourages the building of small footprint homes and use of renewable energy systems to lessen ecological impact.

Wholistic Home Solutions, LLC takes a pragmatic approach to natural building.  We work with home and business owners to make the best natural building decisions that work specifically for them.  We use local, renewable resources to build our houses, and encourage our clients to consider using them as well for the health of their family, community, and the planet. 

Does natural/green building cost more?
There is great value (cultural and economic) in a home built with natural materials. The type of work that WHS does may or may not have greater initial cost.  Each project is unique and will have different variables.  The value of the home or renovation will equally reflect that cost.  A Wholistic Home is an investment pay itself off because of its greater efficiency, cleaner indoor air quality for the health of your family, sustainability, and longevity.

When evaluating cost vs. value of a home, it is very important to look at a broader scope of contributing factors. One question to ask yourself is, “Where do the materials come from?” Most materials from conventional building supply stores are imported great distances and their price does not reflect the true cost of embodied energy and pollution from such long haul transportation. Embodied energy is the amount of energy it takes to make a product, bring it to market, and eventually dispose of it. This is where we as consumers have the opportunity to create change with our actions.

Another value to consider is the feeling we get when we come home. Do you feel like your home is a just place to hang your hat, or are you a nest builder who wants to be inspired every time you walk in the door? Comparing naturally and conventionally built homes is not an “apples to apples” comparison because the materials and craftsmanship differ greatly.  A Wholistic Home is a place of inspiration that is free from the worries of toxic, conventional building materials.

Does it take longer to build?
No, with a crew of competent, cooperative workers, flexibility, and good leadership a naturally built home, can be constructed in a timely fashion. The natural building can be labor intensive, but do not be fooled- all construction is labor intensive.

WHS takes an artistic approach to building that involves client-builder collaboration to create a fine crafted and inspirational home.  To us, building is a full embrace of artisan craftsmanship. Most builders take pride in their work and strive to create a beautiful product.  The quality that makes WHS stand out is the process that we take. It is making a solid plan, so that when an opportunity arises, it is easy to make changes and calculated improvisation.  The process may seem unfamiliar to most folk, because the material selections are unconventional, but the building process, principles, and craftsmanship are similar if not elevated.

How can WHS be skilled in all the services it provides?
Through a network of skilled trade professionals and natural builders, WHS has what it takes to ensure that your project will be completed with the utmost quality and punctuality. Though, I am a competent builder and confident in my skills and abilities, I am the first to admit when I cannot do something.  At that point, I find the right people to consult or work with to do the job correctly.  My approach is transparent, and I encourage open dialog with my clients and coworkers.