Wholistic Home Solutions LLC a natural building & permaculture company

As a natural builder with a fervent passion for sustainability, I see my role as being the conduit between your visions for a healthy home and the delicate balance of treading lightly on the planet. My role expands to artist, technician, and confidant as we build your home together. Whether this is side by side or as a facilitator of your vision, I make it my professional and personal mission to manifest your natural dream home. Our collaboration is the key to creating a successful heritage structure that will stand the test of time, provide a healthy living and working environment, and a vibrant community around us.

Vincent Miresse owner


Wholistic Home Solutions LLC is an Insured and Bonded Wisconsin Dwelling Certified Contractor with Lead Safe Certification, a Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Certified Site Assessor, and Midwest Permaculture Certified Designer.